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At Marshall's ATA Martial Arts, we've dedicated our lives to inspire and equip our students to reach their maximum potential through: Black Belt Excellence!
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About Us

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The Martial Art of Taekwondo is a sensory experience that promotes ‘Frustration Tolerance’ and independence in all ages, but primarily in preschool and adolescent aged children. What we learn becomes a part of who we are. Marshall's ATA Martial Arts makes their contribution by conducting group martial arts class instruction and providing individualized Fitness Training for all ages starting at 3.5 years of age and up through mature adulthood. We are a licensed, independently owned and operated certified, family-friendly program utilizing an accredited curriculum of instruction in keeping with the best practices of the American Taekwondo Association, Cooper Institute and over two decades of martial arts training and fifteen years of teaching martial arts in the Denton community.

We utilize many methods such as weapons training to enhance mental agility, hand-eye coordination, bodily flexibility, balance, nutrition, focus, self-discipline, goal setting, core strengthening, self-defense, Life-Skills, Sports Aptitude Development, Functional Fitness, Health/Wellness Enhancement, Anti-Bullying and overall Well-Being.

We also utilize high intensity training such as Kick Boxing, which is a fusion of western boxing, Muay tai & Taekwondo techniques to increase our cardiovascular performance as well as circuit training with light weights, stretching bands and high repetition for increased caloric output. While our particular preference of martial arts discipline is the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo, we respect the value and benefits that all martial arts styles, training systems, and disciplines provide with regular, sincere, diligent practice by individuals seeking self-improvement, health enhancement, stress relief, weight management, bully prevention, core strengthening, and cardiovascular performance improvement.


Marshall's ATA Taekwondo and Karate for Kids offers classes for adults and children.

The following are the training programs we offer.

  • Basic Program
  • Black Belt Club
  • Master's Club
  • Leadership Programs

The following are the training classes we offer.

  • Tiny Tigers - Children ages 3 to 6 years.
  • Basic Juniors - Children ages 6 years and up holding belt ranks White to Yellow.
  • Juniors - Children ages 6 years and up holding belt ranks of Camo or above.
  • Adults - Adults holding belt ranks White and Up.
  • Leadership - Juniors and Adults currently in the Master's Program and hold a belt rank of Camo or above.


Black Belt Forms 4th Degree 7 21 20

Training Drill

Leo Galo Takes Flight

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